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Dachshund's On-Point Reaction to Watching a Cooking Show Is Simply the Best

At the end of a long, stressful, day there's nothing we like to do more than catch up on some comfort shows. Sure, sometimes that means reality TV, but there's no shame in marathoning a whole season of the Real Housewives. We guess one Dachshund on TikTok is more into the Food Network, after we saw a viral video of her getting way into the cooking show her owner was watching on her laptop. And the results were absolutely precious. 

As the video from @motherofsausages shows, Bella was really into the show she was watching. The footage shows Bella having herself a little lie down as she was watching the cooking show. Welp, it looks like Bella was just a bit influenced because what she does with her paws has people online cracking up. 

"She's working overtime," the video's caption jokes. 

Bella's hilarious video has racked up over 4 million views online. "I have never seen a dog make biscuits???" @peaches.and.cookies wrote in the comments section, clearly perplexed. "She's holding onto the dough for dear life," @daisyyyyybear joked. "Why is she biting the cushion like that?" @yuyoppe wondered before adding a crying-laughing emoji. "She’s making the dough for sausage rolls," @viccmajor teased. 

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But one commenter had another explanation for what was going on: "She’s imagining she’s nursing on her momma as a little puppy," @abcde17299 wrote.

Another video on Bella's page also shows off her unusual trick. "Where's Bella?" the text overlay reads. "Furiously making her biscuits," it continued. And yep, Bella was back in the "kitchen," so-to-speak.

"It’s a full time job," the caption joked.

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