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Dog's Excitement Over Heading to 'Yappy Hour' Is All of Us When the Clock Strikes Five

When it's time to clock out for the day, it's time to clock out for the day. This little Dachshund boy takes his 'Yappy Hour' time very seriously, and it has all of the Internet swooning. Meet Morty!

His mama, who runs his TikTok account @theuprightdachshund, recorded this dude's excited reaction to learning that it's time to head out. In fact, he's leading the way to Yappy Hour! Not only will you get to indulge in some top-quality tippy taps as he trots to his favorite carrying bag, but you'll see him plop right in. If you think that sounds adorable, just wait until you actually watch it happen!

Honestly, we understand Morty on a spiritual level. We don't want to spend even one unnecessary minute working at a desk when we could be having fun! If anything, that's just one of the hundreds of lessons we've learned from dogs throughout life so far. They know it's important to schedule time for fun, and who are we to object?

"Looked down like I’m confused why haven’t u picked me up let’s go," commented TikTok user @john283947. LOL--that's so true! His expectant face is seriously intense, but it's oh-so-cute. We'd be filming if we were his mama, too! 

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Her next step, though, is giving us a peek of what comes next. @BellaandI2021 said, "I’m pretty sure we need to see him at yappy hour. Prettttyyy pleaaassee 🥰?" We concur! Let's get this comment to enough likes that Morty's mom has no choice but to indulge us. Who wouldn't want to see that cuteness?

For now, though, we're more than satisfied watching this adorable scene on repeat. The way he jumps into his bag is simply priceless! 

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