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Dachshunds' Reactions to Realizing They're at Grandma's House Are Just the Best

Everyone loves going to grandma and grandpa's house. It's a fun break from your nagging parents, and they usually spoil you with treats! This is the case for dogs too, and these two pup were thrilled to find out they were visiting their grandparents!

TikTok user @the_belle_doxies recently shared a video of their dachshunds, Annabelle and Lulabelle, the moment they realized they were on their way to visit grandma and grandpa! These two pups were in the car on their parents' laps when they turned down the driveway to their grandparents' house and they realized where they were going! So cute! Check out the video to see their awesome reaction to visiting their grandparents.

Aww, this is too sweet! Their little whines of excitement were too cute. We love when pups get all excited to visit their grandparents. It's such a lovely reminder that dogs truly are members of our family!

People in the comments thought Annabelle and Lulabelle are just too adorable. @me2ok said, "Both girls are so cute," and @sweetgv121 commented, "Adorableeeee." They really do have such lovable faces!

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Others shared their own stories of their dachshunds doing the same thing! @awriterandherdog commented, "Mine does the same! We’ll be going up next weekend and as soon as we pull onto the road my mom lives on, she’ll begin this." Another user, @_janet_0107, said, "My dachshund was like this and my parents lived an hour away in the mountains. She could smell when we got close." Dogs are so smart with their ability to recognize familiar locations!

We know Annabelle and Lulabelle will have a fantastic time at their grandparents' house. We see plenty of treats and playtime in their future!

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