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Video of Dachshund 'Meeting a Cute Boy' at the Beach Is Simply Irresistible

Whenever we go to the beach, we are always on the lookout for a cutie that catches our eye. This dachshund does the same, and she was thrilled when she met a cute boy while on vacation.

In the TikTok video posted by @mini_doxie_hazelnut, Hazelnut the dachshund was lounging on the beach when she spotted a cutie down near the water and sat up to get a better look. Hazelnut excitedly journeyed down to the shore to introduce herself to this cute boy. Check out the video to see what happened in Hazelnut's harrowing journey for love!

OMG we are so happy for Hazelnut! Her cute boy, Cornelius the dachshund, is very interested in Hazelnut, and the video proclaims this love at first sight!

People in the comments of the video were thrilled to hear about this new summer beach romance. @cherylhernandez23 said, "OMG that is so adorable. Please, you must keep me informed about this, it's so beautiful," and @stephanie16390 commented, "Omg. You must keep us informed! Summer beach romances are the BEST!!" Clearly, we are all expected a second video showing Hazelnut and Cornelius's first date!

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Others drew similarities to the movie Grease, which is the love story of two high school students who met the prior summer at the beach. @marygma5 commented, "Real life Sandy and Danny from Grease!" and @dogmom4lyfe95 said, "This video but Summer Lovin' from Grease playing." Maybe it's time for a Grease remake but with dachshunds!

These two are so adorable, we hope their parents exchanged contact information so they're able to see each other again!

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