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Dachshund's Over-the-Top Reactions to a Car Wash Are Easily Going Viral

Do you remember as a kid how much fun it was going through the car wash? You'd sit down all excited as the lights began and the water covered your car. Next came all the soap and the loud cleaning brushes. It was a whole experience! And now, TikTok user @yunabugs is giving that experience to her dogs. Yes, her dogs, and they're obsessed! 

This TikTok creator recently posted a clip of her dachshunds taking a trip to the car wash. It wasn't their first time and we know it won't be their last. But this trip was an extra special one though in memory of one of her puppos that made it over the rainbow bridge. She gathered up the glow sticks, got the music going and started the party even before they got to the car wash. But once they get there, all the dachshunds let loose. Their reaction is everything! 

LOL! This is so hilarious. We want to join the party next time!! It looks like they were having the time of their life. They kept running back and forth in the back of the car, eyes fixed on the windows as the car was getting cleaned. We still do the same, lol! 

"Invite me next time," said @Yung Gravy. That's what we're saying!! This is the type of party we want to be at. @bubblyshart added, "I wanna be a dog just to experience this." We don't even have to be a dog, we just want to be in the car with the dogs! 

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Another TikTok user, @Davod Nematpour, said, "This is now my new life goal." First step, get 8 dogs. Second step, go to car wash. Sounds like a simple way to achieve this goal! "This is the content I live for," added @Dangginaaaa. Doggy car wash raves is in, everything else is out! 

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