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Video of Dachshund's Strutting Around in Raincoats Is Going Viral

Everyone likes to look cute and fashionable. Having a nice appearance does wonders for self confidence, and your outfits play a large part in this. This applies to animals as well, and two dogs are dressed to impress lately in a video that is going viral for all the right reasons.

TikTok user @jacob_n_bruno recently shared a video of one of his Dachshunds, Bruno, strutting around town. In the video, Bruno is wearing a bright yellow raincoat to ward off the gloomy weather while carrying a stick in his mouth. Check out the video to see this adorable moment!

Wow, Bruno is one stylish pup! He is rocking that raincoat like no other. We can he tell he is proud of himself for his style and his stick selection. This pride is well-deserved!

People in the comments can't believe how cute this video is. @mimis_1985 said, "Can’t handle this level of cuteness," and @marcusgoulding commented, "Such a cutie, living his best life." We aspire to live life with as much joy and style as Bruno!

Others couldn't help but notice Bruno's brother, Jacob, in the background of the video. @paws4concern commented, "OMG cuteness overload, but please let the other little guy in the background catch up so we can see him up close too!" Another user, @__petra______, said, "What about other cutie in yellow raincoat behind him? Adorable!" Jacob is having a tough time keeping up with Bruno's power strut!

We simply can't stop watching this video—Bruno is just too captivating! We hope it rains again soon so we can see more videos of the two pups showing off their coats.

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