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Dachshund's Concern Over Dog Sibling Recovering From Surgery Is Precious

Dogs are truly something else when it comes to senses. We don't know how, but they can just sense different feelings. They console you when you're sad, or snuggle you when you're feeling sick. It's just one of the many reasons dogs are the best. 

And dogs don't just do that for their humans. Turns out they do it for their doggy siblings too. TikTok user @motherofsausages shared a clip that shows her Dachshund named Buster recovering from dental surgery. Aww, poor Buster! Luckily, Buster has a very concerned sister. Watch what Bella does as Buster recovers.

O.M.G. So sweet! Bella didn't want to take her eyes off Buster. She must've known he wasn't feeling the best so she made sure to stay by his side the entire time. Ugh, does it get any more precious than this!? 

"Dachshunds are so special," said @elly.dive. And we believe that with our whole hearts after this clip! @nudlidodo added, "Just protecting her brother. Love them both angels." She deserves the best sister award which comes with plenty of treats and a new toy! "The way you can tell they all care for each other just makes me so happy and want to cry," commented @victoria_waz_here04. SAME! 

Another TikTok user, @laure_elise18, wrote, "Sending love and hugs. Wishing Buster a speedy recovery." We're all wishing for a speedy recovery! And something tells us with Bella watching over Buster, he'll be feeling back to himself in no time! 


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