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Dad 'Misses His Grandpup' More Than His Daughter and the Evidence Is Too Funny

As much as parents say they don't have a favorite child, they probably do. They try and hide it all they want. But here and there one child gets a little extra special treatment, which reveals that parents do in fact have a favorite. A lot of people might argue that the favorite is usually the youngest of the family because they get whatever they want. But we're here to argue that it's pets who are actually the favorite amongst parents. Well, can you blame them?!

Fur babies are so adorable and well-behaved, most of the time, that it's no wonder they're the favorite. But even knowing this, it still stings when parents show favoritism. That's why we feel for TikTok doggo @poppy.the.bernese's owner. This owner recently moved out of her parent's house with her Bernese Mountain Dog. Any parent knows the heartbreak that comes with watching their children leave the nest, but that makes the visit home so much sweeter. Except her dad was more excited for the dog to visit than his own daughter. LOL! Don't believe us? Just watch the clip and you'll see!

LOL! Ok, ok so he didn't come right out and say the dog is his favorite. But read between the lines and you'll come to that conclusion! And even if he doesn't admit it, she now has the texts to prove he was SO excited to see his grandpup again. 

"Dogs are just amazing. I get it lol 😂," said @Sodaairsoft. We totally get it too! Plus, her doggo is SO cute. Anyone would be so excited to have that fluff ball come over. 

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@nicoleelizabeth777 wrote, "The fact that he didn’t care about your visit until he heard about poppy 😂." LOL! We don't think that's entirely true. He was probably excited to see his daughter too! Poppy is just something special. Or as one might say, his favorite. HA!

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