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Video of Dog Reacting to Dad 'Calling' the Pound Will Leave You in Stitches

Punishing a kid when they are bad can mean time out, grounding or taking away their favorite toys. But for pets, it's not that simple. You can yell at them for stealing your favorite shoe or biting the couch. But sometimes that doesn't work. You can maybe put them in a crate for timeout, but what if you don't have one? That's when you can turn to this doggy parents' playbook of punishment.  

TikTok user @lefebbie recently shared a clip of what she and her partner do when the dog is being bad. It's so brilliant that over 4.3 million people watched the video! This poor boxer was looking at dad when he starts to make an unfortunate phone call. We don't know what she did, but it clearly wasn't good because the dad was calling the pound. Oh no! Her reaction when she realizes what's happening is everything. 

Aww!! She's trying to put up an argument so she doesn't have to go. "Camille: objection, hearsay," commented @sarahz823. Hey, her reasoning why was so cute that he couldn't possibly dare to take to her the pound! "She said, 'Hang that up,'" added @Lonnie Sepe. LOL!

TikTok user @giantryangaming brings up an excellent point. The comment says, "I love how Camille sat extra hard to show how good of a girl she is." She's staying in her bed, out of the way too! She definitely is a good girl and even good girls make mistakes!

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We have to mention the cat while we're out at it! As soon as the cat heard who was on the phone, it was time to leave. LOL! "The cat said, 'Uh-oh' and left...😂," commented @peterewagons. She did not want to stay around to hear the outcome. "I love how the cat dips!!😂😂. 'I've heard this call 1 too many times, Camille!'" added @user7805800317051. It took less than a second for the cat to read the room and immediately leave! 

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