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Story of Hero Dad Taking in an Abandoned Dog Restores Our Faith in Humanity

We'll be forever grateful for the humans who take abandoned animals under their wings, providing them with a home and caring for them. That’s no easy task, especially if you already have other pets in the house. But thankfully, there are those heroic humans who do take the time to help. They’re the reason why our faith in humanity is restored. 

Recently, TikTok user @joooosey‘s dad found an abandoned dog in the Oakland Hills. The video shows her dad explaining what happened when he found this dog. He said he patiently waited for 15 minutes for this poor pup to gain his trust and left the car doors open to see if she would come in, which she did! Now, the family is looking after Mali, the name this hero dad gave the dog. This TikTok user is documenting Mali’s adjustment as they actively search for her forever home. 

This is so sweet! What an amazing person for wanting to take Mali home and care for her. He even told her to lie down and get some rest when they came home. He just knew she was probably exhausted and needed the extra Zzzs. 

“There is something magical about being an adult and seeing that your dad is the man you always believed him to be,” wrote @MrsHortonKills. Wow, that is so beautifully said! “Your dad has a huge heart. I’m so thankful for people like him💖,” said @Erandi. The biggest heart! We wish he could keep Mali because they’re bonded for life now. But the creator said they already have two dogs and they won’t be able to keep the pup. 

For now, they're showering Mali with love and treats! Here's an update on how she's adjusting. 

Aww! She’s so, so happy, and you can see how at peace she feels in their home. Still, there is no owner yet. The creator said they went to the vet to check for a chip, but there was none. They also posted about her on Nextdoor and checked the SPCA. Mali’s forever home will come, and until then, we’re thankful she’s being cared for by this family!