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Dog's Reaction to Dad Surprising Her After Being Away for a Month Is Way Too Cute

No one loves you like your dog love you. They relish every moment you spend with them and when you're gone they miss you so much. That's why one TikToker wanted to go big to surprise his dog after being away from home for a month. And the results are everything we've ever wanted. 

We don't know how TikTok creator Andrew Scaccia (@scaccia15) came up with the plan — but it was absolutely brilliant. As he explained in the caption of his now-viral video, "My fianceè got a job in another state and I had to stay back for a month to train for a job, so this was Reillys first time seeing me in a month." Okay, this is so, so cute. The footage shows Scaccia hiding from Reilly under some blankets in the corner. It takes Reilly a second to find her papa, but when she does it's pure bliss. 

The comments section was so excited for this reunion. "Awwwww she smelt ya. Smart dog," @s_parlayin wrote. "You’ve been in the wall the whole time!?!?" @haters.are.losers joked. "Amazing how much they truly miss us!" @zehen.dos.pointer pointed out. "Aaaaahhhhh, sweet baby missed her Daddy!!!!!" @sloopy56 exclaimed. 

"And daddy really missed his little girl," the TikToker responded. 

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The lengths that this dad went to to surprise his sweet girl is so lovely. We just know this made Reilly's day. It just shows how special the bond is between a pup and their human.

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