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Woman Catches Her Dad Taking Selfies With the Dog in Priceless Video

We’re all pretty obsessed with taking pictures of our pets, well, because they’re our family members and we love them and want to show them off. Plus, we want to have those photos as keepsakes for the rest of our lives. Seriously, who can resist getting their fur babies on film and/or digital? Of course, some people take the picture-taking process a little more serious than others. 

When you see a new TikTok video that was shared by @emmasontiktok, you’ll see what we mean. OMG. Get ready to see the most wonderful, wholesome dose of cuteness you’ve seen in a long time. In a clip that has 1.3 million views and counting, you’ll see the creator’s dad taking selfies with their dog, Noah, in the backyard. You guys? This is the kind of content we’re all here for.

Can you even? This man and that pup are so precious together, we aren’t even sure where to begin. And don’t even get us started on the man’s wife FaceTiming him at the end to ask what he was doing! This video is just the best, and TikTok users agree. @Erin said, “This is so PURE 🥺 also, the photo was great 😂.” It really is adorable! Another commenter, @Clementine added, “Ok but that pic is incredible! Shoe hack noted.” 

People can’t get enough of these two, and @orlixhenla had a great suggestion, saying, “Dad and doggo need their own TikTok 😁.” They totally do! Who wouldn’t want to see more of this dynamic duo together? Dad and Noah are just so full of pure love for each other. Maybe if we all go back and watch the video a few more times, it’ll inspire them to get their own channel. One thing’s for sure, they’d have no problem racking up followers!