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Daddy Cat's Reaction to Babysitting His Kittens for 5 Minutes Is Totally on Point

Lol. Being a new parent has its fair share of wonderful moments, but let's be honest -- it can be tiring, hectic, and downright overwhelming at times, too. And apparently one cat in particular is still trying to come to terms with easing into fatherhood. A video of the precious daddy cat was shared on TikTok by @courtneyhasalotofcats, and people are getting quite a kick out of it. 

In the clip, you'll see the cat sitting inside of an enclosure with a litter of kittens. You'll also hear his human mom's voice saying, "Is this daddy day care?", all while the cat sort of looks at the little ones surrounding him in disbelief. Wait until you see what this papa kitty does next.

Haha! "You did 5 minutes!" Don't you love how he jumped out of there and looked directly at the mama cat like, "Sorry, babe, they're all yours!" People are loving this guy's reluctance to hang out with his new babies and were quick to leave comments. @Sassy said, "He did more than most men babysitting their kids! 😂." @Whitley Mills added, "You know what... better than nothin' 🤷🏼‍♀️." Another commenter, @Aubbie Bronach noted, "The look on him is telling me he just found out he’s the dad 😂." HA! And @cutiepie also noticed how he seemed to be passing the kids off to mom, saying, "He said, 'Alright, I'm out! your turn.' 😂"

But by far, @amf312 left what might be the most fitting, epic TikTok comment ever on the clip: "From the Tom Brady school of retirement." LMAO! So true! 

You gotta give this little cat credit for at least trying to make a go of spending some time with his new kitties. Maybe as time goes on, he'll warm up to the idea a little more? Time will tell.