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Dad Cat's Support for Mama Cat While She Gave Birth Is Touching People's Hearts

A loving partner can make a world of difference on the day you welcome your bundles--or bundles--of joy. They can provide a priceless support system to get you through some of the hardest moments, but they can also be someone to celebrate with you when that amazing moment comes. For Anaya--known as @2tspofdepression on TikTok--her mama cat had all the support she needed...and then some! Not only was Anaya by her side the entire time, but so was Dad. That's right--baby daddy stayed with her and the babies throughout the entire process! 

In an adorable (and obviously viral) clip, Anaya checks in on the doting couple. Needless to say, it's the cutest thing! We'll dish all about how cute these two are, but we think you should see them for yourself first. 

O.M.G. How sweet! Baby daddies and partners--take notes. This kitty is doing everything right in being there for his lady. As commenter @shilah_e noticed, he's "even holding her hand 🥺." It's the best!

Clearly he's doing a lot for his partner--and is preparing for new parenthood himself. "The dad looks more tired then the mum 😂," commented @b.a.f1. LOL--he does! We're sure Mom has done her share of the work, though. After all, you see a kitten, don't you?

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"I thought cats gave birth to like 6 kittens," asked @bobabea.999. That certainly has been depicted in media that way, but luckily other commenters were here to help. "It’s actually UP TO 8 kittens," wrote @2creepymain. "2 or 3 is normal for first time pregnancy." Who knew?

Either way, we can't give this new dad enough kudos for being there for the big moment. He deserves an upgrade from the "baby Daddy' title! "It’s husband at this point," said @teriyakigoul, and we couldn't agree more! If Mama is smart, she'll let this guy stick around. 

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