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Daddy Rottweiler's Reaction to Meeting His Puppies for the First Time Is Simply Beautiful

For so many species, including both people and dogs, nothing compares to the day you meet your babies. It's an emotional, life-changing experience to say the least, even if most dogs only care for their young for a few months after birth. Parenthood is parenthood, and it can be an absolute gift.

This joy and relatability are just two reasons why one of @vonfreitasrotties' TikTok videos is blowing up. The adorable clip shows a litter of Rottweiler puppies meeting their dad for the first time, and it's just as precious as it sounds. Everyone in the video is over-the-moon with joy! 

We will be the first to proudly admit that we watched this on repeat. With the pups, Daddy Rottie's excitement, and the precious words of encouragement from their caregiver--how could you not?  There's just so much happiness here that we wish we could bottle it up! Luckily, this video will always be on TikTok for us to come back to.

We have a feeling we won't be the only ones adding this post to our favorites! Commenters like @celticdoxie loved this "proud papa", too. 

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"He’s so excited🥰🥰🥰," @omollie33 wrote. Isn't his joy just contagious? This Rottie dad is nearly shaking with energy and anticipation, but by the looks of things, their human papa is just as in awe of his pack. We think the dog could tell!

"He even checked on you at the end to make sure you were fine! 👍🏾," @doughtherfeshkid noticed. The dad duties have already begun! It's like he was saying 'thanks' for getting to meet his little ones. We think he's going to be an awesome father!

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