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Dalmatian Going to Town on a Piece of Corn Is the Best Thing We've Seen

What do you like about corn? For us, the maize-related audio that's been going around social media takes the cake...or the cornbread, we guess. The track is called "It's Corn" and the title pretty much sums it up. It all began with one hilarious interview with a kid who really loves corn (who could blame him?), but now it's inspired all kinds of Internet gold.

One of these gold nuggets is a video from @hifromtheo, an adorable Dalmatian who loves to snack. We knew he'd be into the idea of nibbling on some corn, but his reaction is more than we were expecting! 

LOL! To be fair, we feel the exact same way when presented with corn, so we understand Theo 100%. His lip licks are everything!

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"My dalmatian loved corn too. 😍," commented @emilyw_g. That's so cute! It's such an unexpected combination to see in a video--Dalmatians and corn--but we're not complaining one bit. 

Neither is @simon_thedeafdalmatian. He said, "LMAO! This song has been playing in my head for DAYS and nobody ever gets the reference 😂." You're not alone anymore, Simon! The entire Internet will know the song soon enough, and you can say you've been there since day 1. 

Our vote for favorite comment goes to @sonnyboylabrador's: "He’s a corn dog. 🙃." Ha! Bad puns are so good, and you'll never convince us otherwise. Especially when they're dog-related! 

Several commenters expressed concern for Theo, as corn cobs can cause intestinal blockages for dogs in rare cases. Theo's mom let viewers know that he snacked off-the-cob only, after they were done making movie magic, that is. If you ask us, this pup doesn't seem to mind one bit! 

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