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Dalmatian Poses for Pics Like a Total Pro and We're Here for It

Take a look at the photos on any pet owners phone or computer. Chances are, the camera roll will be filled with photos of their furry friends. Us pet owners feel a compulsion to capture every cute and funny moment for our fur babies, and when you're as much of an animal lover as we are, those moments occur all the time. This pet owner took so many pictures of her pup that he now has a hilarious reaction to the camera!

In the video posted on TikTok by @hi.wiley, this Dalmatian named Wiley is seen crouched on a rock in the midst of a field of wild flowers. His mom pulls out her camera and this pup has the funniest reaction!

Talk about Pavlovian! This smart pup learned that when he hears the click of a camera shutter, it's time to strike a pose and get a treat! He is just so cute with his little pose, and that heart shaped nose is just adorable.

The comments on the video are filled with people absolutely enamored by Wiley, and we can't blame them! Many people praised Wiley for being such a good boy and posing for the pictures. @betta_beauty101 commented, "OMG! That’s a real pro right there!" and @ffaaiitthhyyy said, "Aww he was made for this." Someone get this pup an agent, stat!

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Other's commented their own stories of their dogs' modeling habits. @hannah.humane said, "Every time I even TOUCH my camera my dog hears it from across the house and comes running." Other owners have a much different experience with their dogs, such as @jenlee24, who commented, "Our daughter takes so many pics/videos of our dog. He sees a phone and takes off lol." That's when you need to sneak up on your pup when they're sleeping to get some good pictures!

Wiley is such a good boy, he should start teaching classes on poses for pups!

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