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Dalmatian Puppy Annoying Older Dog Sibling Is Cracking Us Up

Older siblings are known to be protective of their younger siblings. They're loving and very patient. Well, that patience probably grew over time as they listened to their younger siblings talk nonstop. And maybe one day this Dalmatian will learn a thing or two about being patient.

Two Dalmatians were sitting on the couch. The younger one, a Dalmatian puppy, was barking nonstop, which led the older dog to do the unexpected. Let's just say any older sibling will be able to relate to this video from TikTok user @_cassy_jo7 so hard. And we promise that you'll be LOLing at his response! 

LMAO! We haven't laughed this hard in a very long time. We could tell the older dog was getting annoyed, but we didn't expect him to put the puppy's face in his mouth. HA! We'd bet that puppy learned her lesson very quickly. Or in true younger sibling fashion, she probably started barking again right after she was released. LOL! 

"I loooooove this. That's one way to do it," wrote @lawgurl78. Definitely not the appropriate response, but it worked. LOL! And honestly, we bet all older siblings wish they could've done this. @tysheonnamulica added, "He said, 'Alright you're done.'" He had enough out of the little puppo for one day.

@johnweis486 pointed out, "I love the calmness he has. Man hears this regularly." He's probably barked back in hopes she'd stop and learned that just makes it worse. So he resorted to doing whatever was necessary to get her to stop. LOL! 


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