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Dalmatian Puppy's Reaction to His Toys Being Washed Has Us Cracking Up

Our hearts are really breaking for a Dalmatian on TikTok, whose patience was really tested recently. That's because his owners decided to wash all of his favorite toys on the same day — and poor Oreo wasn't a fan. Now video of the pup looking longingly at his favorite plushies has gone viral on the internet and people everywhere really feel for him.

Laundry day isn't easy for anyone, but on this day Oreo was taking things personally. As the video from his owner Ali, of @aliandoreo, shows the dog was stressing out when he realized he couldn't play with his stuffed animals until they were dry. And TBH, we totally don't blame him. "When his toys are being washed and he can't play with them," the video's text overlay reads. The look on his face is so precious. 

"Poor Oreo," his owner joked in the caption.

The video has since been watched over 1 million times and we can't help but notice that there so many Dalmatian stuffed animals! We weren't the only ones who were cracking up over Oreo's unique collection of toys. "I love how his toys are mini-me versions of him," @rupertbear_cavapoo joked. "When you want 101 Dalmatians but you can't actually afford them," @._.littleghostgirl teased. "I love how you buy him or spotty toys I do this in my spot too," @misslucycarrington shared. 

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"Most of them are from when I was a child and I kept them to pass on to my children (him)," Ali explained. 

Although one commenter wrote what we're all really thinking: "Wait his toys last long enough to wash??" @eastcoastmama96 joked. 

Thankfully, we're sure that Oreo didn't have to wait too long before he got his toys back. 

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