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Video of Dalmatian Anticipating a Present From Grandma Is Cracking Us Up

Are we all in agreement that grandparents are the ones most likely to spoil our children? And not just our tiny humans, but our fur babies too! It must be built in their DNA to bring along something special for the little ones because they somehow always seem to have extra treats or snacks to give out and new toys for the youngsters can play with. It's no wonder that grandparents earn a special spot in their grandkids' hearts.   

But grandparents need to be careful because soon enough the little ones will be expecting it! That's what happened with one grandma who started coming over with a present. She became so special to her Dalmatian grandchild that the dog barely says hello now. LOL! The dog just expects a present now. And you can see clearly that in this video from TikTok user @boujeedal. It's comedic gold! 

LOL! We can't stop laughing at the fact that the Dalmatian just knew there would be something in the bag for her! It's a habit at this point. Grandma equals present. LOL! Grandma might not be able to come around without a toy at this point!

"She is like a little kid 😂," commented @judyraghavan. YES! A kid with no patience we might add. Kids and dogs alike will start expecting presents once you start. It's a fine line you have to be cautious of! LOL! 

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TikTok users are commenting on what was going through this Dalmatian's mind. "What'd you bring me! What'd you bring me! What'd you bring me!!!" said @regi_with_an_i. LOL! Grandma needs to change her name to the  Toy Lady! "I know it's in here somewhere grandma!! 😂," wrote @Pam Cornia. We can't get over the fact that the dog went straight for the bag and didn't even say hello. HA! In the dog's defense, she was just trying to lend a helping paw. "Don't worry grandma I'll help!!!" added @nicoleelizabeth777. A big thanks to grandma for making not only this dog's day but our day too! 

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