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Corgi's Impressive Dance Moves Should Earn Him a Spot on 'Dancing with the Stars'

We think Dancing with the Stars left out a perfect contestant for this year's cast. Maybe that's because they knew this special dancer would've stolen everyone's hearts the moment they laid their eyes on him. It's not a dancer you'd expect. In fact, we don't think there's ever been a contestant like this. But maybe after this clip, he'll finally earn a spot on the show! 

TikTok user @pawcana reposted an insanely adorable clip from @lacorgi and it has truly won over the Internet. The video shows a Corgi walking over to his owner. He scoots his way right in between their legs, putting his front paws on their feet. He's all set for the performance. Just wait until you see what happens when the music starts! 

Holy cuteness! Is this not one of the most adorable things?! He's clearly loving it too with that huge smile on his face. And then don't even get us started on the spin move. He definitely deserves to be on DWTS! 

"WHY CANT I LIKE THIS MORE THAN ONCE," asked @overlordcosplay. LOL! Seriously though, this is too good not to give it a thousand likes. "I watched this 4 times. That puppy is so happy," added @need4speed313. Only 4 times? We've watched it at least 20 at this point. And isn't it so cute to see that even dogs can't resist a good tune. Music puts everyone in a good mood! 

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Another TikTok user, @hess.kah, said, "Looking up at you with so much love in the eyes." Love and happiness is just spilling out of him. We've seriously never seen such a happy doggo! "Made my day. Thanks," commented @Arvin Enriquez. Heck, this made our entire week! There's no way anyone can watch this clip and not smile.

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