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Video of Daughter Calling After an Elk Has Everyone's Mind Blown

We've all done our fair share of making animal noises. We bark back to our dogs or meow to our cats as if we can speak their language. Sometimes they'll reply, but most of the time they'll just stare at you. So maybe it's time to start taking lessons from this little girl. 

TikTok user @thecurriecasa recently posted their daughter and what she was doing on her birthday. One might expect her special day to include a party with gifts and cake, but this adventurous little one wanted something a little different. She took to the outdoors to call elk. You seriously won't believe the result! 

Wow! Our reaction was exactly like the little girl's. And if we're getting that excited from a video, we can't imagine how she felt after that moment. A core memory she'll have forever!

"I just love her commitment! Y'all have lots to be proud of. The fact that she'd rather do this than anything else for her birthday is awesome!!" said @jessicahalfast. It's seriously so cool! She's actually inspired us and we now want to do this for our birthday too. LOL! 

Even the official account for Bass Pro Shops commented saying, "What an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing, we love to see the excitement! 😆." She's seriously so good and we know what's next for her. @ontowavelandave suggested, "Elk Fest in Estes Park needs her in the calling competition!" Yes, yes, yes, yes! We just know she would be amazing. Keep it up the great calling! 


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