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Mom's Reaction to Daughter Surprising Her With a New Puppy Is Impossible to Resist

Forget surprise parties--we want a surprise puppy! The envy we have for this girl's mom is practically endless, but her reaction to meeting her new BFF is the gift that keeps on giving. 

It all began when her daughter decided to surprise her with a Golden Retriever puppy. Of course, the girl had to set up a fun reveal for her mom, and @janelleandkate's viral video was born! We may not be able to figure out whether this is Janelle or Kate's mother, but we can tell immediately tell she is one kindhearted woman. Just look at her reaction!

Aww! That fur baby is going to have one loving home, that's for sure. We can't get enough of Mom's excitement when she realizes what--or in this case, who, is in the box. She's like a kid on Christmas morning!

Needless to say, her excitement is infectious. The comments section is filled with well-wishes for Mom and adoration for the pup, but the top-liked comment appreciates the pure joy this video brings. "Been having some tough days but this made me smile so big," @cala_y_la_bu shared. "Thank you."

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Whether this video made your week or just made you smile, there's no doubt that the lil baby is the "best gift ever!!!!!!" for this mom. That's how @sunshineacres put it, anyway!

It's easy to say that "the look on her face when she saw him 🥺" was the highlight of the entire video. We could practically feel her shock and joy! @Aussiegeek confessed that it even "made a grown man cry." The love for pets is truly universal--such a beautiful thing! 

We have our fingers crossed for some adorable pupdates from @janelleandkate. Until then, we'll just keep this cuteness on repeat.

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