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Deaf and Blind Dog's Way of Telling Mom He Wants to Swim Is Absolutely Precious

Whatever a dog's abilities may be, they develop ways of communicating that are all their own. Perhaps they toss their empty food bowl when it's time to ask for more, or maybe they can tell you what they want with nothing more than a glance. 

For Tamale the deaf and blind Double Merle Australian Shepherd, body language says it all. He has a simple yet effective way to let his pawrents know when it's time for a swim, and honestly, it's just too cute. Tamale would get whatever he wanted if he used this move on us! Let's just say we understand why this video from @tamalethedm is taking off--his communication skills are on point and he is oh-so-polite!

What a sweet angel! He's so patient and polite waiting for his human--how could anyone say no to that? With manners, grace, and dog paddle like he has, we're not at all surprised by the mass of fans he's gathered on TikTok.

"So intelligent! And so adorable! 💙" @nahbruh20 commented. Isn't he? He's got his swimming routine down and all he needs is the go-ahead. Just like @brandilevy1 said, he's a "sweet baby living [his] best life!!!"

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Every pup deserves to live like Tamale--and to swim like him, too! He seems so relaxed and carefree that we could practically feel it through the screen, but along with @bella_h0801, we were utterly impressed that he was "so gentle and graceful in the water 🥰." There was barely a splash!

Tamale needs no comparison to see what a lovely swimmer he is, but @timtam_casper's comment still made us chuckle. "My dogs have full sight and hearing- yet they are nowhere near as graceful as him," she said. LOL! It's okay--every pup has their own strengths!

Like a few hundred other viewers, we thought @grumpiestgill's question was intriguing AF. She asked, "Do they ever lose their sense of direction after going in the water?" Though there's no written response, Tamale's humans' answer is even better: another video!

This good boy is a water baby at heart. There's no doubt about it!

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