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Deaf Bulldog Puppy’s Reaction to Realizing Mom Is Home Is All Too Precious

TikTok user @lyssssro recently added a new furry friend to the family. Her new deaf English Bulldog puppy was the runt of the litter, and even though he’s about a year old, he’s still such a little peanut. Since he’s new to the family, so young, adjusting to his home, and not yet house trained, this mom keeps him in a crate while she leaves. That’s pretty typical for puppies. And when they see their humans come home, they start going crazy in the crate. That wasn’t the case for this pup. 

When @lyssssro came home, she went straight to the crate to see her little baby, as anyone would do. The cute pup was passed out on his bed and didn't wake up as she unlocked the gate. Because he can't hear, she had to wake him up ever so carefully to make sure he wasn't startled. She gently touched his snoot. The little pup must've been having a good dream because his tired eyes took a second to adjust. But when he realized what was happening, his reaction to seeing his mom was priceless! 

AWW! He was so happy to see his mama, and his reaction was the cutest thing in the entire world. It really did take him a second to realize that his mom was finally home. But boy, was he excited! 

TikTok users are obsessing with how adorable this clip is. "I almost exploded because of how cute he is," said @Adriana. We did! And we just want to squeeze him with love, he's that cute. "He is absolutely ADORABLE & so precious 😍!!!!" added @Ambar_Monique. 

Once he adjusted his sleepy eyes, he couldn’t get up fast enough to greet mom. He was so excited! @Melanie wrote, “He was ready for you to be home..! 😂.” Turns out this little pup isn’t bothered by the crate life. The creator said, “When he wants to nap in peace he goes in there. He loves it.” We have a feeling he gets this reaction every time his mom comes to wake him up. That’s love!