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Deaf Cat's Protective Gesture Toward Blind Cat Absolutely Melts Our Hearts

Siblings are like your own personal bodyguard. They'll stand up for you whenever you need and will have your back through thick and thin. If you're lucky enough, sometimes you can find that kind of relationship with someone who isn't even blood-related. We see this happen often with pet siblings. They aren't related, but that doesn't matter to them.  

An example of two pets standing up and being protective of each other comes from TikTok user @grampsthecat. These two cats have already had to overcome challenges. One cat, Helen, is blind and the other, known as Gramps, is deaf. But now, these two unrelated cats have a bond that mimics what siblings do for each other. The owner showed what Gramps does if anyone gets too close to Helen and it's precious. It'll completely melt your heart when you see it!  

Aww! Gramps is so, SO protective of Helen when anyone gets too close to her. Sounds like an older brother if you ask us! "The way he puts his paw on her," pointed out @Jaclyn Furukawa. Ugh, that put us over the edge and made us start crying. Too cute! @cynthiatolley497 added, "Everything will be fine as long as Gramps is there! So beautiful. 💖💕😇🙏🤗." We believe that with all our hearts! 

TikToker @gracieshoomin wrote, "Such a precious, unbreakable imperfect love♥️. These two have my whole heart!" We're pretty sure these two have the whole Internet's heart! Who couldn't love these two perfect angels?!

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"Gramps is such a distinguished gentleman 😁 A hero of heroes. The world needs more like him," said @strangen9nat9x. Right?! You don't see gentlemen quite like this anymore these days. Gramps is a special breed! We're so happy Helen has Gramps and that the two of them can tackle the world together. 

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