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Video of Deaf Pit Bull Going Through Airport Security Is the Best

No one likes going through airport security. The lines are usually long, you have to take your shoes off in public, and sometimes you get selected for further investigation by the agents. However, one pup made the experience a bit more tolerable for those in line the day he went through, as seen in this viral video.

TikTok user @deafcole recently shared a video of his deaf Pit Bull, Cole, going through airport security. In the video, Cole walked through the metal detector, but he set the alarm off and required a pat down! Check out the video to see Cole be a very good boy for the TSA agent!

OMG, this video is too good. Cole was very happy to oblige with the request to conduct a pat down—he was basically getting some pets from the TSA agent! This is what we like to see from the people keeping our country safe.

People in the comments agreed that this agent likely triggered the alarm on purpose just so she could pet the pup. @nicholaselby2 said, "She made it go off just so she could pet the gorgeous fur baby," and @aerieandarwen commented, "Secretly taking extra long on the pat down so they can have extra puppy love." We would do the same thing!

Others were very impressed with Cole's manners. @lilcountryitalian commented, "She wanted pet him. That good boy acted better than most humans at the airport," and @damndemitria said, "The smile on the TSA agents face. This made her day for sure! What a good fur baby!" Cole was amazingly calm and patient while getting his pat down, though, he probably enjoyed it!

We loved seeing both Cole and the TSA agent enjoy the extra pat down. Luckily, she didn't find his secret stash of treats, or perhaps she let it slide for being such a good boy!

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