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Video Showing 'Unwanted' Deaf Puppy's Life With His Forever Family Makes Us So Happy

Special needs dogs, including deaf dogs, come with their own particular set of challenges. You have to train them with commands using hand signals or special vibrating collars. Some deaf dogs can have a tendency to bite because they aren't able to hear the audio clues they would get from their litter mates (yelping, growling) during playtime. But with proper training and patience these special puppies are just as wonderful as their hearing counterparts. 

Finding owners who can love and care for these deaf dogs can be a challenge, which is why we are thrilled to see @Winniethecattledog posting this heartwarming update on TikTok. It's just too beautiful. 

She posts on the video " To everyone that didn't want him because he was deaf..You didn't deserve him." Awww, what an angel. It's so wonderful this baby found his forever home. 

Lots of posters replied about their own deaf dogs which is wonderful to see. @OliviaZerkowski posts "I have a deaf Red Heeler that they were going to put down at the breeder! She is the best girl !" @Lyndsay says "I have a rescue Shih Tzu that’s deaf and he was in a shelter for months before I brought him home…. He is the most loving dog." @MeghanScully adds "Awww we have a deaf Dalmatian who was going to be put down as the breeder couldn’t sell him! They are worth saving." 

So true. Every dog deserves a loving forever home and we couldn't be happier this beautiful dog found his. 

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