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Virginia Rescue's Story of Helping Deaf Senior German Shepherd Tugs at Our Heartstrings

Although every rescue is a new beginning for a precious animal, they can't simply forget the past which brought them to a shelter in the first place. Sometimes, there are even physical reminders of that trauma, though kindhearted rescues like @shenandoahshepherdrescue are there to do everything they can to help. Their most recent rescue is a senior German Shepherd named Larry Smith who was surrendered after years of living in terrible conditions, and his story is honestly heartbreaking to hear.

Fortunately, Larry will know nothing but kindness and care from now on. Though he has a lot of healing left to do, Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue is sharing his story in hopes of finding him a perfect foster home.

Poor, sweet angel! We just adore sweet Larry Smith, and we're right there with all the commenters who are heartbroken and concerned for this precious boy.

"Beautiful Larry 🥰🥰," wrote @annamarie202020. "Thanks for being there for him when humans have failed him so awfully 🥺." No animal deserves to go through what Larry had to endure in his years before rescue! Just like @meek4444 said, "the pain he has suffered is evil. I can't imagine his ear pain." As if it wasn't bad enoguh, his thoughtless owner then surrendered him when his health declined. It's unthinkable!

"Bless his heart," agreed @pinnochio_67. "Why did they abandon him when he needed them most! Thank you for helping this sweet boy 🥰."  Larry deserves all the love in the world, and he has the amazing crew at Shenandoah and his entire TikTok family cheering him on. 

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