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Deer Curls Up on Family's Porch Furniture Like it's NBD and We're Loving It

The early autumn months are a lovely time of year. The air is still warm--but not too hot--and the vibrant fall colors are starting to fill the air. It's a great time to relax on the porch, no matter what species you are! 

Both Rosie the deer and her honorary mama @bee_curious love spending time outdoors, which is how they got this adorable video. Princess Rosie simply makes herself comfortable on her favorite little bench, and we are absolutely living for it. She would have full reign over our yard, too!

How sweet! We love how casually she hops up and gets comfy--like it's NBD! Well, it clearly isn't a big deal considering there's no attempt to stop her. It's just another day for these two forest friends! Rosie does make a lot of appearances in @bee_curious's videos, so it's easy to see why they're so trusting of one another. 

We're not the only ones who are loving it, either! Viewer @bobsdaddy commented, "Oh sweet Rosie , I would feel deeply privileged to have her visit me like this , it is very special indeed!" This homeowner must feel oh-so-magical with an animal friend like Rosie. It's like a fairy tale!

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"ROSIE (love her name by the way) is such a DEAR," said @sharonhaynes596. LMAO! We see what you did there. All puns aside, though, she is so precious! She took her time making sure the cushion felt just right before she lowered herself down--just like a dog would do. 

Then again, maybe she just really loves the furniture! @Giacmarchello joked, "This was Rosie’s choice of garden furniture. Wicker 2022 is in right now😂," and we totally love it. Little Miss Rosie has some excellent taste!

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