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Deer's Reaction to Meeting Family's Indoor Cat Is Not What We Expected

Wildlife encounters are incredibly hard to predict. Even the most docile-looking creature could startle another animal, as was the case with this indoor cat named Cisco and the deer he encountered in the backyard. TikToker @brittneyraetoday shared the introduction on her account, and it already has people talking. 

We'll warn you now, this video is great at building anticipation. By that, we mean it's on the longer side. For nearly two minutes, the worried deer and slinking cat approach one another ever so slowly. Once they get close enough, though, the deer acts in an unusual way.

What a crazy sound! It wasn't one that @brittneyraetoday had heard before, but a few commenters knew exactly what that kitty was up against. "Deer make snorts, loud huffing, and the babies squeak," wrote @candinotcandy. "I’ve heard them many times and it still catches me off guard each time 🤣." We don't blame her --it's a startling sound! But why do deer make this snorting noise?

"It’s a sound that does make to signal other deer of danger," commented @tabbyowens13. Since the dear that Cisco encountered looked like a female, it all adds up! 

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So, essentially, kitty did not pass the vibe check. TikTok audiophile @kay8972  suggested, "This needs that sound “let me check its vibe.. BAD VIBES," and we 100% agree. How funny would that be?

Still, we're glad both the deer and cat walked away from this encounter untouched. Neither we nor the poster knew how dangerous deer can actually be! "You need to be careful," @katie_fair000 warned. "The deer was doing warning calls and they are known to stomp small creatures to death." That's insane!

Indoor cat owners may want to think twice about letting fur babies out to explore when unsupervised--you never know what they may run into! 

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