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Video of Deer Playing in the Sprinkler With Kids Is As Innocent As It Gets

One of our favorite memories as kids was playing in the sprinkler to cool off from the humid summer days. We would spend the entire day running back and forth through the water with friends and siblings. But because there were always so many of us playing, it was hard to get a turn in the water. You’d get frustrated as people cut the line, arguments would break out and there was always one person who would go inside crying. But no matter what, you’d always have fun, and the very next day you’d want to do it again!

TikTok user @bbrightcle showed us that it’s possible for everyone playing in the sprinkler can get a chance! In her recent clip that has over 2.4 million views, her two kids are playing together outside with one unexpected guest. A deer! The three of them were sharing the sprinkler, cooling off. Talk about a perfect summer day. It made us want to get on our swimsuits and join the fun! 

We’re so insanely jealous of these kids! How many people can say they played in a sprinkler with a deer?! The deer even waited for the kids to go first before jumping in. We can’t believe that neither the deer nor the kids were afraid of each other. And as it turns out, this deer has been coming around to their house for the last month. So cute! 

“The deer’s going to go home after the street lights come on and tell his momma he had the best day with some human friends at the water park,” said @Jenni. Aww! Talk about the greatest playdate ever with new besties. @Dinermama added, “Making memories forever! How many kids can say they did this?” Right?! They will have the coolest story to tell when they get back to school or at their summer camps. @Jeffery brought up a great point though, “If you hadn’t recorded this, no one would believe them. This is awesome.” LOL! Even with this video, we can’t believe it! 

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Any chance that we can join in on this fun?! 

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