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Deer Surprises Her Humans With a New Fawn After Losing Her First Two Babies

There is nothing quite like announcing the birth of your baby. It's such a happy moment for you and the people you love the most. Which is why we just can't stop crying over video of a mama doe sharing her own big exciting news on TikTok. And there's a really important reason why this birth means so much to the new mom.

It all went down on the Krazy W Farm, an exotic animal farm in Tennessee. In the footage, the doe walks over to her owner. Perhaps as a way to flag that something big had happened. "Our favorite deer has a surprise for us!" @krazywfarm wrote in the video's onscreen text. The camera then pans behind the doe and lands on a teeny, tiny fawn. "A new baby girl!" the caption reads.

Later in the caption, the farm revealed that the fawn was long-awaited after some tragic loses in the past. "After losing her first two babies, we're so excited for this one!" the caption states. We just love seeing this mama get her rainbow.

Over 300,000 people have watched the heartwarming footage. "Awwww. See how much she trusts you to bring her baby to show you," @barbaradelong wrote. "Welcome to the world Sweetie!" @laurenlample395 praised. "OMG. She’s beautiful just like mamma. 'Mom, Mom, come look I have a surprise for you. Look I made that,'" @pinky199674 joked. 

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Later in the thread, the farm explained that mama lost one of her babies in a bad storm and the other "last year was still born." 

We can only imagine how hard it was for the doe to lose her babies. Making this moment truly bitter-sweet. 

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