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Video of Deer Relaxing and Watching a Thunderstorm Is the Calm We All Need

We recently wrote about TikTok user @bbrightcle and her family's newest pet. Well, not necessarily a pet but a wild animal that keeps coming back to hang out. First, it was her children playing with the deer in a sprinkler. So cool! Then it was their dog running around playing with the deer. And once again, the deer is back. No type of weather can keep this guy away! 

The creator said this deer constantly comes back to hang out for the day and then he usually goes back into the woods at night. But in a recent clip, the deer decided to stay a little longer as a storm was rolling through with heavy rainfall and lightning. We don't blame him, who would want to be outside in weather like that! The deer found a comfortable spot on the porch and was riding out the storm. Aww! This video is everything you need to relax for the weekend!

So beautiful! Any tension we were feeling melted instantly with this video. We can't believe the deer was out there, storm-watching like a pro. Who wouldn't want to do this?! We love watching summer storms roll by, especially in the comfort of our own homes. So the fact that this deer snuggled right on up to the house on the dog bed must've meant he felt right at home!

One TikTok commenter, @Jen, said, "He feels safe & part of y'all's family." He totally does! If he didn't he wouldn't have stuck around long enough for the creator to get a video. @Teah Canfield commented, "That looks like the best spot to be." 100%! We're so jealous! "That's amazing. Just a little nappy nap on the bed," added @Marcia Babony. Nothing beats a nap where you can hear the rain splashing down on the roof. Clearly, this precious baby needed a calming and meditative nap before going back home. 

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