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Demi Lovato's Back Yard Squirrel Feeding Station Is Making Us Jealous

Architectural Digest recently interviewed Demi Lovato. During that interview, she showed off her house. You can see all the different snippets of this interview on the media company's TikTok @archdigest. It's all beautiful, but there is one clip, in particular, that not only captured our attention, but the rest of TikTok. The video reached over 1.3 million views because well, it's amazing! 

One of Demi's favorite parts about the backyard is actually not even for her. It's not for someone else living there either. And it's not even for her pets. It's for the squirrels that were lucky enough to discover where she lives. You'll instantly fall in love with her squirrel feeding station. And before you know it, you'll be making one for your backyard. 

This is INCREDIBLE! We love that she calls them her squirrels. She even put up a sign that says, "Welcome to the Nut House." LOL! How perfect is that?! "It's giving Snow White 🍎 ✨," commented @heirpablo. Seriously! She's like a real-life princess, especially since they'll eat right out of her hand. So cool! It makes us want to put up something in our backyard so we can live out our Disney fantasies too! 

And don't even get us started on the picnic table! @SheeeeeshMeesh said, "The picnic table… chefs kiss." Right?! She could've just left out food for them to eat, but the table is utter perfection. They can sit down, relax and have a world-class meal. Soon enough there will be a wait to get into this restaurant. LOL! 

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"Omg, 'That's Teddy and that's also Teddy' 😂😂😂," wrote @cieranbarney. Ha! We can't believe she named them all Teddy. Well, actually we can because we'd do the same. "'Because I- I can't tell the difference,' 😂😂😂 freakin’ love her," added @nee.ahh. How can anyone tell the difference!? As long as there's food out, we don't think the squirrels mind having the same name. 

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