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Nashville Dentist Office's 'Therapy French Bull Dog' Is a True Comfort to Patients

We've never heard of someone moving because of a dentist, but after seeing this clip, we might have to. TikTok user @smileonnashville is a dentist out of Nashville and he's miles ahead of other dentist offices. We'd be lying if we said we weren't already considering moving closer to this dentist!

The video he recently posted showcases the dentist office's very hardworking therapy dog. Yes, you read that right! A therapy dog at a dentist's office does exist! The video of this French Bulldog named Peewee performing his duties is seriously as cute as it gets. 

O.M.G. We need to book an appointment here ASAP! We're not fans of going to the dentist in the first place so this would be an absolute dream. Why? Well, because puppy snuggles make everything better!

"I would actually go to the dentist if they had a therapy pup. I have a severe fear of the dentist. 😔," said @Sweetcheeks2006. You definitely aren't the only one scared of the dentist! We know for a fact it would be much easier to get us to the dentist if there was a puppy sitting on our lap through the whole appointment. 

@ms.jay.3 wrote, "What!!! My dentist needs this." Every dentist needs this! It would be an instant business boost because so many more people would come in for teeth cleanings. A win-win for everyone! 


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