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Denver Zoo Mourns the Loss of Their Beloved Amur Tiger

Everyone knows that all living things must die, but that knowledge never makes the passing of a beloved animal any easier. Even when you know of their declining health, their final breaths still come as a painful shock. One zoo's staff had to deal with this pain recently after the passing of one of their residents.

The Denver Zoo recently shared a video on their TikTok, @denverzoo, to announce the passing of one of their animals. In the video, they memorialize their 12-year-old Amur tiger named Yuri and share some lovely pictures and videos of the big cat. Check out the video to see what a wonderful tiger he was and pay your respects.

Awwww, we are so sorry to learn of Yuri's passing! He seems like a lovely tiger and will dearly miss seeing videos of him. We are sure that the residents of Denver are mourning this loss!

People in the comments shared some of their special memories of Yuri. @dominiquedoebelin said, "We’ll miss seeing Yuri. He was one of the highlights of zoo trips. We loved heading over the tiger experience to search for him. RIP, sweet boy." Another user, @karibrown0, commented, "My sister and I went on the tiger encounter before he was announced, and could hear him while we learned about Nakita. Hard to believe he is gone." We always hate to hear about animals that have passed!

Others are thanking the Denver Zoo for helping Yuri pass peacefully. @sneepsnorp3d commented, "Rest in peace, sweet boy. He's truly an incredible animal who was so loved. Thank you for all you do to protect, love, and share these creatures!" and @rsuecom said, "I'm so sorry. Thank all of you at the Denver Zoo for taking such great care of all the animals." We are thankful for the amazing caretakers and veterinarians at the zoo!

We hope those at the Denver Zoo are able to heal from this loss. We know they did everything they could to help Yuri, and everyone is grateful for their work!

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