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Denver Zoo's Video of Flamingo Taking His First Walk With the Flock Is the Best

Hot Girl Walks are all the rage nowadays. These are daily walks you take, usually with friends, to get some exercise, improve your mental health, and set accessible goals for yourself. One flamingo at the Denver Zoo is taking his first Hot Girl Walk with his flock in a video you don't want to miss.

The TikTok account for the Denver Zoo, @denverzoo, recently posted a video of their 53 year old flamingo named Freddie Mercury taking his first walk with the rest of the flock. This is such a sight to see! Check out the video to see Freddie on a Hot Girl Walk with his friends.

OMG, this is so cool. Freddie is a beautiful flamingo, and his colors are amazing! We have this video on repeat because we can't get enough.

People in the comments thought this was such an awesome sight. @carasbud said, "And what a stunning example he is," and @user8874087597543 commented, "We can tell who the main flamingo here! His strut is the greatest." Freddie knows he is the coolest flamingo in the flock!

Others thought Freddie was very accurately named! @scoutaroon commented, "I feel like human Freddie would have been happy to have a flamingo named after him." Another user, @emma_laine83, said, "Of all the animals to be named Freddie Mercury a flamboyant flamingo is perfect!" We definitely think Freddie the human would have been very proud of Freddie the flamingo!

This video is a great motivator to go on a Hot Girl Walk at your local zoo! You never know what vibrant or well-named flamingo you may see on your visit.

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