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Video of 'Depressed' Shelter Dog in Oregon Waiting for His Forever Home Makes Us Want to Cry

We've seen countless videos of animals in shelters across the U.S. looking for a forever home and each one breaks our hearts a little more. We can't stand to see sad animals giving up hope that they won't be adopted. Animals deserve so much more than the confines of a shelter. 

One of the more recent videos we've seen comes from SafeHaven Humane Society in Tangent, Oregon. TikTok user @therainabaina showed one of the animals in that shelter that is up for adoption - Marco, an adorable German Shepherd. We're hoping TikTok users will see this dog and fall in love because we can't stand to see him at the shelter any longer. You'll be crying once you watch this clip. 

Ugh, watching these stories never get easier. Every pet should have a loving, forever home. So seeing them depressed as they wait for someone to adopt them makes us cry. And of course, it's no different with Marco. Our hearts shattered when we read that Marco doesn't even get excited when someone comes over to his kennel. It shouldn't be like that! 

"My heart is breaking 💔😢," wrote @jennyhaisley1. Ours too! How could it not with such a precious doggo? @Monica Dominski said, "Marco is so sweet and deserves a good home." Look at the good boy. We just know that he'd fit right in his future home. All he needs is a little extra loving to come out of his shell.

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@terrytec21 commented, "Marco you are so handsome. Praying your soulmate comes right now for you sweetheart." As are we! We have a feeling TikTok users will step up to the plate soon enough. If you're interested in giving Marco his forever home, go to the SafeHaven Humane Society website and fill out an application form. We hope to see Marco next time happy with his forever family! 

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