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Gucci-Clad Chihuahua Is Giving Us Serious Wardrobe Envy

Lots of dog owners enjoy dressing their little floof companions in hoodies or bandanas or even cute little doggy sweaters. But there are some dog owners who aren't content with the typical "Nap hard, play hard" or 'Mommy's boy" dog t-shirts and instead insist on only the best for their canine companion. Pup couture is a big business with dog owners and over 80 percent of people who own dogs say they enjoy spoiling their pets. This can translate into designer leashes to organic fresh dog food comprised of items that any human would enjoy eating. But some dog owners love their little puppers so much they dress them in items that would give any human fashionista serious wardrobe envy. 

Get ready to have your real-life Beverly Hills Chihuahua dreams comes true because this adorable little puppy @Louthechichi is serving looks. 

Oh my gosh we can't stand it! @Angellearch comments, "Awww my gosh this literally the cutest." As much as we love seeing all Lou Lou's fancy wardrobe changes we love her little close ups. That scarf and those sunglasses! What a celebrity. @user9627567237644 posts, "I love the outfits and Lou looks so cute adorable and precious whatever she puts on." @Melissalyter speaks for all of us when she says, "This one wins this trend!!! Thankfully I’m alone… I just smiled so big I probably looked absolutely insane." Uh-huh, count us in on that! 

We all know that dogs look cute, clothes, no clothes, fresh from the groomer or covered in mud. But we aren't lying when we say we'd love to get some fashion tips from Lou Lou. She's just beyond adorable. 

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