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Video of Cat Who Loves to Swim Like a Dog Is Capturing People's Hearts

We know, we know. Cats aren't supposed to like the water. In fact, they're known for despising it. That may be true for the most part, anyways, but Dewey the swimming and surfing kitty is here to show that cats can love the water, too. 

A video of Dewey going for a swim recently made rounds on TikTok after @artistikamente posted it to her account. In the clip, little Dewey swims from his mama to the shore, but just those few seconds of cuteness are enough to capture millions of hearts (and almost 4 million views)!

Go, Dewey! He is one talented little cat, to say the least; we guess you could call him the next Meowchael Phelps! 

Needless to say, the Internet is raving over this little athlete. A few commenters praise him for his effort and technique, admitting, "He swims better than me. 😍 adorable." It's okay, @sarapredi, he swims better than us, too!

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Cats are serious-looking creatures as it is, but Dewey's swimming face is "So focused" and intense, according to commenters like @sushirollinn. We totally see it! @Nopejustdont1 commented that it looked like "my boy is fighting for one of his 9 lives." OMG! For real, though, we love that Dewey's mama is right nearby to make sure he's all good. Safe swimming is the best swimming! 

A few viewers were concerned that the kitty looked stressed in the water, but other commenters were there to explain. "Y'all the airplane ears is to PROTECT his ears," wrote @skiddlybopping. "All cats have their ears pinned in water, just like y'all close your eyes in water too." 

We aren't veterinary professionals by any means, but based on other adorable videos of this swimming feline (don't worry, we'll include another), he doesn't seem to hate going in the water. 

It's just like Dewey's mom replied in the comments: "if you watch the other video you will see that Dewey is swimming along the shore and not towards it💞." He totally is!

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