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Video of Dog Balancing a Hot Dog on His Nose and Catching It Is As Good As It Sounds

Just as we were chowing down at barbeques this past 4th of July holiday, TikTok doggo @dexterthebalancingdog was also putting in some work on hot dogs. For those of you that don't know, Dexter is an amazingly talented labrador who is known for his balancing skills. His skills have gathered nationwide attention as he's appeared on Good Morning America and The Tonight Show! 

A recent Dexter video starts out saying, "If you thought Dexter's slo-mo burrito catch was impressive..." and then it goes into an even more impressive video of Dexter's balancing act. This time, the challenge was a hot dog. We can't wrap our heads around how he can balance a hot dog on his nose, but Dexter somehow does it. After watching this, you'll want to start teaching your pup this new trick! 

O.M.G. This is absolutely amazing! The fact that he was able to balance a hot dog on his nose takes some serious skill. But also, can we talk about how amazing he looks? The beginning of the video was his perfect angle. LOL! 

TikTok users are blown away by his skills. Even the official TikTok for the Guinness World Records commented saying, "Good boys get rewards 🌭." So Dexter must get hundreds of rewards because he's the goodest boy we've ever seen! "I always wonder how you taught Dexter," wrote @imthe1whoknocks_, to which Dexter responded by saying, "Step 1: be born a legend." HA! So we can't all be as cool as Dexter. At least he shares his talents with us through TikTok! 

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"Olympic athlete status," added @dogdadmantra. Forget the Olympics, take Dexter to the hot dog eating contest. Speaking of which, @Sean Carroll said, "Joey Chestnut could never." LOL! Joey Chestnut just snagged his 15th hot dog eating contest title this week, but that's only because Dexter wasn't competing. Dexter even said in the comments, "I bet @JoeyChestnut couldn’t flip a hot dog off his head and eat it 🤫." HA! We'd pay anything to see a Dexter vs. Joey Chestnut competition! 

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