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Man Shows How to Dine Out With Your Cats in New York City and It's Fabulous

You've most likely seen a dog at a restaurant before on the outdoor patio, enjoying some bonding time with its owners. Or maybe you've even brought your pups to a restaurant with you. We'd consider it the new normal. At least it is for us, we bring our dogs everywhere! But what we haven't seen too often, or actually at all, are owners who bring their cats out to eat. 

Before you stop and argue that's not even possible, think again. TikTok user @spongecake_cats shows us that not only is dining with cats possible but also that it's doable in the largest city in the U.S. In the clip, the creator gives us a perfect example of how to get your cats to sit with you at an outdoor restaurant in New York City. And he does it with not just one, but three cats! You don't want to miss this! 

O.M.G. This is absolutely incredible! We bet we'll be seeing way more cats at outdoor restaurants after this video. And we don't mind. The more pets the merrier! 

@forever.amyb asked what we're all wondering, "How do you get permission to bring them into restaurants?" The creator responded by saying, "No permission needed. This is actually how outdoor dining looks in NYC." That's SO cool! Reminder to self: bring the cat with us for our next NYC trip. 

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"Such amazing sweet kitties living their best lives," wrote @Ariel Dantonio. We love how this owner made sure they were all comfortable and gave them treats. Clearly, these cats are royalty in this fam! @forqvs added, "Those cats are more extroverted than me 😂." Ha! And so well behaved we might add! Now, do they have any recommendations on restaurants we should check out? LOL! 

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