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Man's Adorable 'Dinner Date' With Australian Shepherd Couldn't Be Better

First dates can be awkward. Between the conversations being slow or potentially watching them have bad table manners, dates could very much end on a bad note. But that's just the process. Go on dates until you find the right one.

And based on this video evidence from TikTok user @wallytoyaussie, we'd say this doggo found the one. LOL! You'll be so jealous of how well, and adorable, this date was! 

O.M.G. If there was an award for the best date ever, it would absolutely go to this Australian Shepherd. You can just tell the two of them were enjoying themselves. "That's my kinda date!" said @alldogsg2heaven. Why can't all our dinners be like this one!? A nice meal with wine and an adorable doggo to look at. The dream! 

Plus, did you see how Wally ate so perfectly?! "Look how clean he's eating! Better than some men I've dated," commented HA! Honestly, this dog eats better than we do. We need at least three napkins on us at all times. LOL! "Well, this one's going home with you!!!" wrote @michael2921. And we bet they already made plans for the second and third dates! That's what we can assume after we read Wally's comment. The doggo wrote, "To tell the truth, possibly one of my best dates in a while." Aww!! So there will be some dates in the future!

@ironsindustries asked what we're all wondering, "Omg they let you do this!? This is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!" Right?! We want to bring our puppo on a dinner date! BRB, going to call around and make a reservation with our four-legged bestie. 


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