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Disabled Cat's Reaction to Meeting New Foster Kitten Is Nothing but Pure Love

It may sound hard to believe if you've never fostered an animal yourself, but having your own pet around too can actually make the process easier. A confident dog or cat can show a new friend that it's okay to be relaxed and to play. When your foster sees your pet being fed routinely and taken care of, they will start to feel comfortable, too. 

That's exactly why Joey's job as big brother to his foster siblings is oh-so-important. He and his family share their daily adventures on their TikTok account, @kittyboyandfriends, where this video of Joey meeting a new foster kitten blew up. If you think it sounds adorable, that's because it is; but it's just as meaningful to watch the kitten open up to their new brother in a matter of seconds. 

Isn't it just precious? We were so enamored with the budding friendship between the kitties that we barely noticed Joey's disability. By the looks of it, the kitten didn't think much of it either--which is exactly how it should be.

"Aww!! 🥰🥰 I’ve never seen a cat take to a kitten so quickly," @pande0582 wrote in the comment section. "Shows just how sweet he is!" That's definitely a very good point! Either the bond between these two was just that strong to begin with, or Joey is one amazing big brother. Whichever it is, we agree wholeheartedly with @fahmida_ox: "This so beautiful pure love 🥰🥰🥰🥰." Animals know the meaning of unconditional!

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"Been watching Joey for a minute," said viewer @dscxreloaded. "This is so so much better than the first time he met a kitten. Love watching him grow emotionally and physically." That's just precious! All pet owners can relate to the pride of watching their baby reach milestones, and we can practically feel Joey's mom's joy through the screen.

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