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Precious 'Dinosaur' Cat Doesn't Let Disability Slow Him Down

A lot of cats that are born with bone deformities are euthanized or have a difficult time getting adopted into their forever home. That's a shame because cats with abnormalities can usually lead wonderful lives with your care, patience and help and guidance from your veterinarian. In the video @Petatyourphone posted you can see a perfect example of how a cat with special needs gets by just fine with his disability. 

Just look at this beautiful boy!

If you didn't find yourself saying "Big stretch!" when he stretched in the video then who even are you? LOL. People are loving this beautiful guy. @Leviackermanlover posts "So cute and adorable!" @Dudulucky adds, "Beautiful baby!" @Tylernye899 is loving this dinosaur cat posting, "Catasaurus Rex so cute and ferocious." 

We aren't sure exactly what is wrong with this baby but it's possible his limbs are permanently bent and the bones are fused where his elbows should be. Regardless, it's not slowing him down one bit and it shows that cats with physical disabilities are totally capable of leading happy, active lives. Love to see it! 

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