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Disabled Dogs' Excitement Over Taking a Run in the Orchard Is Just the Best

TikTok user @florisfriendsrescue is a UK charity that is dedicated to helping and rehoming disabled, abused and unwanted animals throughout Great Britain and Europe. That's already so sweet. And from the looks of it, these doggos are living their best lives.

In a recent clip, a few of the Floris Friends Rescue dogs were outside. Someone in the video decided to open the gate to an orchard for them and well, their reaction is absolutely priceless! 

O.M.G. Is this not the sweetest, cutest, most adorable clip you've ever seen?! They truly couldn't hold in their excitement to go into the orchard and run around. They were literally barking orders to open up the gate. LOL! 

"Dogs will be dogs no matter what. Cutest chaos ever!" said @Freekmagkb. Right?! They didn't have a care in the world. All they wanted was to play and they wanted to play at that instance. Plus, we love how the wheelchairs didn't slow them down one bit. "And they're off," wrote @Heisenburger911. HA! Did it look like a horse race to anyone else or just us? Between the gate opening and the dogs itching to get out, it really is like the Kentucky Derby out here. LOL! 

@helentaylor9325 pointed out, "How cute do they all look in their coats?" OMG! Don't even get us started on those jackets. Not only are these dogs adorable, but they're also downright stylish. We want one of each jacket for our doggos. Once these dogs are done running around, they need a photoshoot to show off their style. LOL!


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