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Viral Videos of Disabled French Bulldog's Adorable Waddles to Music Are Irresistible

Little Rocky (@goodboyrocky1) on TikTok has a special place in our hearts — and a new video on his page shows exactly why. The poor pup is paralyzed from the waist down, but that in no way has dampened his spirits. Nor has it stopped him from getting around the house. Take for instance a recent video of Rocky, which shows the pup waddling over to his mama. His determined spirit is so infectious! 

According to a video elsewhere on page, Rocky wasn't born without the use of his legs. His original owners surrounded him when he was 3 years old and told the agency where they left him that his legs "suddenly stopped worked," the video's text overlay states. It turns out that Rocky had a herniated disc, but the damage was so severe he'll "never walk again." Now living with his new mama, Rocky is thriving and is the happiest of dogs. A recent video shows that he's never, ever, let his condition keep him down.

People in the comments section were in love with Rocky. "When he stopped and then moved on the beat," @littleblueblee wrote. "He could win the world championship waddle competitions," @chedurena joked. "The pause was on beat perfect timing 'lil doggo," @damisnake added. "He looks so happy," @quandaledong chimed in. 

This wasn't the first time that Rocky broke the internet with his adorable hops. A second video on his page shows the pup wobbling around the house. "The Wobbler," his owner jokingly called him in the caption.

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Who could ever be sad when Rocky's around? His owners must definitely feel like he's the best gift.

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