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Video of Disabled Sheep's Nightly Bedtime Routine Gives Us All the Feels

Having a pet is a long-term commitment, no matter what species they are. You're promising them nutritious meals, thorough healthcare, and plenty of affection to keep them feeling special. And that's just the minimum! Special needs pets will have a wide range of different--well, needs, and it can take any pet parent some time to adjust. 

Just ask the folks behind @ziggysrefuge, a farm sanctuary for animals of all kinds. They care for so many critters with special needs, but one video in particular is gaining traction on TikTok right now: it's Moko the disabled sheep's bedtime routine! 

It's just as sweet as it is educational--you won't want to miss it! 

Don't you just love Moko and his humans? This is the definition of love right here! It's no surprise that TikTok viewers are falling for this gorgeous sheep and his family. Just look and the kind things they have to say!

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"It’s amazing what you do for these beautiful animals," said @monopepe2021. "Thank you for being there for them. It’s so beautiful to see how much they are love." Exactly! We think Moko knows he's adored and cared for. After all, he does get dinner in bed!

Viewer @spankyj1971 knows what we're talking about. She said, "Oh my Moko is absolutely adorable," and we couldn't agree more! That precious face certainly doesn't hurt while he's being pampered by his favorite people--it gets him some extra affection if anything! It certainly would if we were around.

"Spoiled baby now! Awwwww," gushed @iilaad65. Right?! This is exactly how it should be if you ask us. What animal doesn't deserve to be given their very best life?

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