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Diver's Encounter With Gigantic Sperm Whale Has TikTok Both Amazed and Terrified

If you've ever been scuba diving before, you know just how strange it can be underwater. Even looking at a video of a dive can be somewhat disorienting, but that's just one reason why TikTokers are finding this video slightly terrifying. The gigantic sperm whale in the distance looks like some kind of deep-sea monster!

The viral clip from @mermaid.kayleigh is definitely worth a peek, even if we can't decide whether we're more fascinated or spooked. Maybe scuba diving isn't it for us, but we just can't look away!

Well? However you feel about the disorientation of the deep ocean, there's no denying how interesting this encounter is. Kayleigh didn't get too close (because she's a responsible diver), but she didn't need to in order to get a good look. The gigantic creature is so graceful in the water! 

"Amazing," wrote commenter @themommytickler98. "I love the photos of when they are suspended vertical in the water it’s amazing." The way these animals move is unlike anything we've ever seen! Still, not everyone is so convinced the deep sea is so harmless.

"I’m kinda scared that I might have thallasophobia," @ineedtherapydesperately shared. "I don’t like deep ocean, even though I swim well. It just creeps me out even if I know it’s safe." You certainly aren't alone there! After all, this was the most-liked comment of the video. 

No matter how we feel about this otherworldly encounter, we totally agree with @interestinglad: "this video deserves more hype tbh." It's not like we see a sperm whale every day!

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